"Half Time" S...

“Half Time” Stuff a Backpack Supply Drive


Third & fourth semesters are just around the corner and many students will be arriving at school empty-handed. What supplies they do have are almost gone: backpack zippers are broken, erasers are worn down and pencils are nubs.  With your help, at the beginning of the third quarter bags full of new supplies can be delivered to students in need. Studies show that during the second half of the school year students who have the right tools to learn are positive and focus on learning and WINNING!!

How can you help?

1 – Donate financiallyDONATE NOW

2 – Organize a Half Time Supply drive.

3 – Rally your social networks by informing them about the need for school supplies and inspiring them to take action.

For questions or to learn more about how you can help, please contact Sharon Matthews at info@wishlistdepot.org or 410.946.9022.